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Step by Step Guide for Small Business Leaders

Welcome to the Step by Step Guide for Small Business Leaders. Business leaders, like yourself, are trying to find solutions to contain health care costs while helping their employees become healthier individuals thereby increasing their productivity, strengthening their personal lives, and improving their overall well being.

This guide is broken down into the four targeted areas of tobacco, physical activity, nutrition, and emotional wellness. Within those four areas we will be providing you resources and information you can use within your own business to strengthen your worksite wellness strategies and interventions.

  • Nutrition: Longer work weeks, fast-paced lifestyles, family commitments, as well as other reasons, are driving Americans to eat more on the go than ever before.
  • Physical Activity: As technology continues to improve, the need for physical exertion on the job continues to decrease.
  • Tobacco: Reducing tobacco use and its preventable costs is critical to optimizing profits and improving worker health and productivity.
  • Emotional Health: If we assign high priority to preventing disease and promoting personal well-being and physical health, so too must we assign priority to the task of promoting emotional health and preventing mental disorders.