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Coordinated School Health

The coordinated school health program model was developed by the CDC to allow schools to serve as an important link in the well-being of young people. The model consists of eight components: health education, physical education, health services, nutrition services, family/community involvement, health promotion for staff, healthy school environment, and counseling, psychological, and social services.

Jackson County developed a Coordinated School Health Council in 2005 that is made up of local stakeholders working to support the health and success of Jackson youth.

Vision Statement

The Jackson/Hillsdale Coordinated School Health Council is committed to promoting the social, emotional, mental and physical health of children and youth through a process of collaborative planning, coordination of services and programs, and unified advocacy of its members.

  • We aspire for children and youth to experience quality social, emotional, mental and physical health in order that they may grow to become productive citizens.
  • We aspire for parents and guardians to be enabled to care for and nurture their children through positive communication, providing a caring and supportive environment, and being involved in their child’s education.
  • We aspire for schools, with the active support and commitment of resources from community agencies and organizations, to implement the eight components of coordinated school health.
  • We aspire for the entire community to realize and support the value of education and expanding opportunities for high achievement.

The council will accomplish its vision by:

  1. identifying the needs of students and their families
  2. creating necessary linkages and support between schools and community agencies to address identified needs
  3. encouraging elementary schools to work collaboratively with early care and education providers to promote the health of young children
  4. cooperating to collect common data
  5. establishing common goals
  6. applying for grant funding as a collaborative county/region
  7. advocating on behalf of children, youth and families, and
  8. educating school staff, parents and the community at large