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HIO Healthy Meal Program

In August 2010, the Health Improvement Organization (HIO) released a Community Action Plan to address some of the most pressing health issues facing local residents.  One goal of the plan is to improve the knowledge, attitudes and beliefs of county residents related to their ability to lead emotionally healthy, physically active, nutritious and smoke-free lifestyles.  To support this goal, the HIO developed the HIO Healthy Meal Program to promote the availability of healthy meals at local restaurants. 

For items to qualify to for this program, they must meet the following guidelines:


  • 600 calories or fewer 
  • 30% or fewer calories derived from fat 
  • 600mg or less of sodium 
  • At least two servings of fruits and/or vegetables 


  • 300 calories or fewer 
  • 30% or fewer calories derived from fat 
  • 400mg or less of sodium 
  • At least one serving of fruit or vegetable 

By ordering HIO approved menu items, you taking one step toward a healthier you. Thank you to our local restaurants that are committed to improving the health of Jackson County! 

If you have any questions regarding the HIO Healthy Meal Program, please contact Sarah Doll, Registered Dietitian at Allegiance Health’s Prevention and Community Health Department at 517.788.4869 or