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Prenatal Task Force

The Prenatal Task Force (PNTF) develops prevention, education and health care access programs to reduce infant mortality in Jackson County.

An action plan was developed by PNTF staff and advisory committee members in partnership with local healthcare providers, social service workers, community educators and others. This collaboration is unique in that it provides a multi-disciplinary approach for exploring and discussing solutions to the county’s high infant mortality rates, while channeling specific project activities through the Prenatal Task Force to avoid duplication of services. 

We design, develop and distribute a variety of programs and resource materials, track and evaluate outcomes and seek new funding sources. These activities strengthen both the PNTF and the Jackson community's capacity to deliver excellent infant mortality education and prevention services, which over time can significantly impact women's knowledge and behaviors relating to pregnancy, maternal health and prenatal care.  

Goals of the PNTF

  • Improve the sexual health of women in Jackson County 
  • Increase access/utilization of community resources that support the basic needs of women & infants 
  • Improve the experience of care among women during and after pregnancy 
  • Decrease the number of infant deaths due to positional asphyxia 

Some of the project activities include: 

Data Collection

The Prenatal Task Force distributes a survey to all new mothers who have delivered at Allegiance Health. The survey was developed using the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS), a CDC survey used by forty states nationwide. The survey asks questions about prenatal care, women’s behaviors, experiences, opinions about their care, and their exposure to community information distributed by the Prenatal Task Force. The women completing the survey, in turn, receive a Halo sleep sack, to promote infant safe sleep practices.

Prenatal Resource Packets and Fact Sheets

We have developed and distributed over 800 prenatal resource packets to the local human services departments to give to pregnant clients. Packets include information on community pregnancy resources and services such as Born Free’s substance use and dependency programs, a list of local obstetricians, a How to Be Healthy During Pregnancy brochure, information on local smoking cessation programs, services at the Center for Family Health, and more. Our Pregnancy Fact Sheets, one for each trimester, describe common experiences and tips for a healthy pregnancy. The packets are available in local obstetric providers’ offices and the Jackson County Health Department. 

Tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use; domestic violence; and mental health issues

The Prenatal Task Force developed prenatal screening tools and referral trees for area obstetrical providers in order to improve prenatal assessment and referral for alcohol, drug and tobacco use, domestic violence, and mental health issues.

Promoting Safe Infant Sleep

The Jackson Prenatal Task Force supports the efforts of the Jackson County Safe Sleep Coalition to promote safe sleep practices. To learn more about the work of the Jackson County Safe Sleep Coalition, visit their website

Participating Partners 

  • Allegiance Health 
  • AWARE, Inc. 
  • Center for Family Health 
  • Community Action Agency 
  • Department of Human Services 
  • Goodwill Industries 
  • Great Start Collaborative of Jackson County 
  • Jackson County Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Board 
  • Jackson County Health Department 
  • Meridian Health Plan 
  • PPDNA 
  • United Way of Jackson County 
  • Western School District 
  • Women First Health Services 
  • Community members committed to reducing infant mortality 

Contact us

For more information about the Prenatal Task Force, including how to participate or to request materials, contact:  

Amy Schultz, Chair, Jackson County Prenatal Task Force 
Allegiance Prevention & Community Health 
One Jackson Square, 9th Floor 
Jackson, MI 49201 
(517) 841-7433