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Since its inception, the HIO invested a considerable amount of resources in to the development of programs, coalitions and initiatives to advance our vision of continuous health improvement in our community. There are several coordinated efforts that developed into auxiliary programs of the HIO. The HIO is also proud to be represented on other community partnership efforts.

Coordinated Efforts

It's Your Life

It's Your Life is part of the long-term solution to help improve the health of an individual, an organization and a community. The program offers health and wellness services to individuals, employer groups and community organizations. It’s Your Life is based on the philosophy that individuals are self-leaders in their own health and benefit from a supportive culture to help develop and sustain good health practices.

Jackson Business Leaders for Health

Jackson Business Leaders for Health was founded in 2007 as an offshoot of the local Health Improvement Organization (HIO). Their focus on worksite wellness is a key component of the HIO’s Community Action Plan to improve health. Membership of Jackson Business Leaders for Health includes local business leaders who recognize the linkage between the health of their workforce and the success of their organizations.

Prenatal Task Force

The Prenatal Task Force (PNTF) is a collective impact model entity between local health and human services groups and individuals from the community. Led by Allegiance Health and the Jackson County Health Department, the PNTF develops prevention, education, and health care access programs based on the Fetal Infant Mortality Review findings and recommendations. The mission of the PNTF is to reduce infant mortality in Jackson County.  

Step By Step

Step by Step is the wellness initiative of the HIO Community Action Plan. Step by Step uses the principles of social marketing to increase awareness and knowledge of how to live healthier lifestyles in Jackson.

Other Partnerships

Jackson County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition

The Jackson County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition is a countywide collaborative decision-making body of community members that plan and implement measures to prevent underage alcohol, tobacco and other drug use in Jackson County

Coordinated School Health Council

The Coordinated School Health Council is a national effort initiated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Jackson’s Coordinated School Health Council is a broad coalition of school professionals and other community partners focused on the following components to ensure student well-being: health education, health services, nutrition services, physical education, counseling, family/community, health promotion, and school environment.

Jackson Tobacco Reduction Coalition

The Jackson Tobacco Reduction Coalition is group of individuals representing local agencies, organizations, businesses and at large community members interested in the reduction of tobacco use in Jackson County, Michigan.

Project Access

Project Access is a community partnership that provides coordinated health care to uninsured adults in Jackson County. This program creates a system that provides health care to low-income individuals who do not have coverage and do not qualify for public assistance. Enrollees in the Project Access program will see primary care physicians as well as many other healthcare services they need at no or minimal cost. Through the AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation’s Connections for Cardiovascular Health, Project Access enrollees also have access to healthy living programs including the It’s Your Life health management program. For more information, please contact the Central Michigan 2-1-1

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative

The mission of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (TPPI) is to reduce the teen pregnancy rate and address contributing factors for Jackson County's young people. The TPPI is a community-wide effort led by the United Way of Jackson County and the Jackson County Health Department. The TPPI includes a diverse membership representing various sectors of the community, including parents, teens, community leaders, faith based groups, health care professionals, and individuals who are concerned about the sexual health of teens in Jackson County.