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Health Action Teams

The Community Action Plan’s strategies are built on evidence-based activities and input from experts within each respective field. In an effort to combine resources and promote Collective Impact, these experts were brought together into groups respective to their fields of practice or interests. These groups are referred to as Health Action Teams (HATs). The Health Action Teams were created in response to specific areas of concern or areas in need of enhancement in the community. These priority areas set the basis for the goals of the Community Action Plan. Ultimately, Health Action Teams were responsible for the creation of the objectives and strategies detailed within the Community Action Plan. Using process and outcomes measures, each Health Action Team is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the success of their strategies. 

Community Engagement and Awareness

Feeling connected to your neighbors and community is an important component of good overall health. The Community Engagement and Awareness Health Action Team is committed to involving community members in the HIO effort to improve health. This workgroup collaborates with community members, informal leaders, and the media to raise awareness of both the HIO, and the many opportunities for healthy living in Jackson County. The goal is not only to raise awareness and educate, but to also find ways to motivate people around adopting healthy behaviors. Work will involve community members at worksites, schools, churches, and community-based non-profits. It will utilize interactive media, like the Step by Step social marketing campaign. All efforts will aim to strengthen relationships within the community and prioritize the use of local resources to improve health. 

To get involved, contact: 

Shaina Tinsey, MPH
Community Educator 
Allegiance Health 
517.788.4800, Ext. 6734 


Proper nutrition is essential to overall good health. The Nutrition Health Action Team is committed to improving the nutrition of all Jackson County residents to help reduce obesity and chronic diseases. As a workgroup of the Health Improvement Organization, the Nutrition Health Action Team works with health care providers, schools, after-school programs and others to increase awareness of the need for access to proper nutrition. Such initiatives include promoting gardening and the use of locally grown produce to ensure access to fresh, affordable produce by all Jackson County residents. 

To get involved, please contact: 

Julie Weisbrod, MA 
Healthy Communities Coordinator 
Jackson County Health Department 

Physical Activity

Physical activity is essential to good overall health. The Physical Activity Health Action Team is committed to improving the fitness level of all Jackson County residents. As a workgroup of the Health Improvement Organization, the Physical Activity Health Action Team works with schools, parks, county planners, and many others to increase the amount of local options for fun and affordable physical activity. They collaborate with elected officials to advocate for a fitness-friendly community. They also work to inform residents of the many opportunities that currently exist in Jackson County and surrounding areas. 

To get involved, contact: 

David R. Kirk, MPH, MBA 
Community Program Specialist 
Allegiance Health 


Living smoke-free is essential to good overall health. The HIO and the Jackson Tobacco Reduction Coalition have joined forces to create a workgroup that strives to reduce rates of smoking and second hand smoke exposure in Jackson County. This group collaborates with the Jackson County Health Department, Allegiance Health, schools, physicians, Jackson County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition and many other organizations and individuals interested in reducing tobacco use. The coalition advocates for smoke-free environments through policy development in areas where children play (schools, parks) and strives to educate tobacco vendors about distribution regulations. They also promote cessation resources for people looking to quit smoking. 

To get involved, contact: 

Rhonda Rudolph, B.S. 
Jackson Tobacco Reduction Coalition 
Jackson County Health Department 

Behavioral Health

Emotional wellness is essential to good overall health. The Behavioral Health Action Team is a group of committed organizations and individuals who strive to improve the behavioral health of Jackson County residents. The Behavioral Health Action Team focuses on prevention and early access to services as a strategy to increase the amount of social and emotional support available to residents. The group also works to increase awareness and reduce the stigma of behavioral health problems to make Jackson a more open and supportive environment for people struggling with emotional health. The Behavioral Health Action Team collaborates with local schools and clinical care providers to screen for emotional and behavioral health issues, and to create formal referral systems to connect people with the services they need. Jackson Health Network, United Way of Jackson County and 2-1-1, Jackson County Coordinated School Health Council and many other groups and people work diligently to realize the goal of an emotionally healthy and happy Jackson County. 

To get involved, contact:

Elizabeth Knoblauch 
Director, Strategic Relations 

Community Collaboration

There are many groups working to meet the social needs of Jackson County residents. But how do these groups work with each other? And how do the many non-profit social service providers interact with the formal healthcare system? These are the questions that the Community Collaboration Health Action Team tries to answer. Unlike the other Health Action Teams, the Community Collaboration Health Action Team does not work directly with community members to encourage healthy behaviors. Instead, this group works with the organizations and collaborative groups that provide services to the community. By working to enhance collaboration, align resources and formalize integration with clinical care, the Community Collaboration Health Action Team strives to improve the health of Jackson County through structural change and process improvement. The Jackson Community Foundation, United Way of Jackson County and 2-1-1, Jackson Health Network, the Jackson County Health Department, Center for Family Health, and Allegiance Health are among the organizations involved in the effort. Together with local collaboratives like Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative and the Prenatal Task Force, they strive to create an integrated system of service delivery that allows all residents access to the services they need. 

To get involved, contact: 
Megan I. Albertson, MPH 
Population Impact Project Manager 
Allegiance Health