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Community Health Assessment

A Strategic Framework

The HIO Coordinating Council represents a collaborative approach to community health improvement. The scope of the HIO CC’s responsibility includes monitoring community level indicators and identifying specific health issues and priorities through the use of a community health assessment model. 

In this model, community stakeholders worked with public health experts to develop and complete a Community Health Assessment Report for Jackson County. This assessment provides a means of data collection that better aligns efforts among community partners and creates a strategic framework for local health improvement activities.

Our Process

The first Community Health Assessment was conducted in 2008 and led to the creation of our first HIO Community Action Plan, aimed to reduce obesity and smoking and improve emotional health among Jackson County residents. The results from this most recent assessment in 2011 were used to update our strategic plan for 2013-2020.

In implementing this model, the team initiated the following steps:

  • Collect and analyze health information for our County (including subpopulations within our County)
  • Measure our health status against other communities, the state and the nation
  • Prioritize health issues within the community
  • Create a system for sharing this data with community organizations and residents
  • Initiate strategic planning to address these issues through collaborative activities
  • Monitor impact of health initiatives on community health outcomes

View 2008 CHA Report
View 2012 CHA Report
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