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Community Action Plan

The overarching tactics that the Community Action Plan relies upon include evidence-based activities to:

  • Improve the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of residents of Jackson County related to behavioral health, physical activity, nutrition, and smoke-free lifestyles
  • Reduce the obesity rate among Jackson County residents to be at or lower than the national average
  • Reduce the smoking rate and secondhand smoke exposure in Jackson County
  • Improve the behavioral health and emotional wellness of Jackson County residents
  • Enhance collaborative action planning, resources alignment, and linkages among clinical and social systems to achieve collective population health impact

Continued Support

Due to strong alignment of community health goals based on a collaborative process, leadership across Jackson’s health and human service continuum are committed to the successful implementation of our Community Action Plan. Allegiance Health, the Jackson County Health Department, and United Way of Jackson County have each devoted significant human and/or financial resources to this process to date and are committed to sustenance of these efforts over the long term. 

Implementation of the plan is meant to be achieved through the cumulative activities of our various stakeholder groups working on specific strategic facets of the plan depending on their various strengths, resources, areas of expertise, and target populations. Informal agreements in the form of partner ‘handshakes’ will be used to identify and catalog each specific organization’s corresponding activities and partner engagement will be assessed annually. 

In addition to leveraging existing community assets, collaborative grant seeking will be a key focus in implementation of HIO Coordinating Council activities. Several collaborative grant opportunities have already been identified/pursued, and it is anticipated that these opportunities will only increase over the next several years.

One potential future vision of our collaboration is to build trust, alignment, and accountability through our experience with the HIO CC process to ultimately evolve to a ‘Community Balanced Scorecard’ (CBSC) model, where metrics and activities are formally aligned across organizations to achieve success as a community.

Your Role

The Community Action Plan is the result of research and planning done by the partners that make up the HIO CC. The strategies chosen to tackle these goals are based on research and evidence of best practices, but there is no single way to accomplish them. The activities that will take place in the community will be decided by the organizations and individuals that choose to participate. 

As an organization or community member, we hope you will review the information and consider the following questions:

  • What goals and objectives are the most important to you or your organization?
  • What unique resources do you or your organization bring to the community that could help to accomplish any of these goals?
  • How can you build support for the plan in your organization or community?
  • What steps can you take toward helping to achieve a healthier Jackson?

2009-2013 Action Plan

Based on the results of the 2008 Community Health Assessment, the first HIO Community Action Plan was developed for 2009-2013. View the 2009-2013 Community Action Plan