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History of the Health Improvement Organization

The Health Improvement Organization (HIO) was founded by Allegiance Health in 2000 to improve the health status of the community through a compact among patients, physicians, employers, the health system and the health plan.

In 2006, the Health Improvement Organization adopted a new governance structurevision and principles based on a year-long re-visioning process.  This led to the creation of our HIO Coordinating Council. 

The HIO Coordinating Council is a multi-disciplinary stakeholder’s group led by Allegiance Health with representation from local government, public health, health care, health and human service agencies and nonprofits, school districts, health plans, mental health, employers and the faith community.  The HIO CC now functions as the community stakeholder planning committee of Allegiance Health’s Health Improvement Organization Board Committee, Jackson County’s Health Communities strategic plan, the United Way of Jackson’s Health Community Solutions Team and the Health Strand of the Jackson 2020 initiative.  This coordination of efforts across community leaders in health allows for unprecedented alignment of goals and resources, as well as the creation of a strong community platform for advocacy.